File ILA-R: Test Exclusion Process

Beginning in the 1986-87 year, the school Pupil Evaluation Team will decide on all exclusions from formal district testing: checkpoints California Test of Basic Skills, and Maine Educational Assessment. Special educators will be provided orientation to the nature and purpose of these tests in order that they can assist administrators and teachers in this decision-making process. Test exclusion should be considered an extreme medication of a student’s program and must be justified in the Pupil Evaluation Team minutes and, in the case of the Maine Educational Assessment, with the State Department of Education.
While it is anticipated that only a handicapped student would be considered for exclusion, the following process should be followed should a non-handicapped student be in question. First, consider whether test modifications of location or test level (CTBS) will meet the student’s needs. If not, a group process which includes the student’s teacher and school administrator may recommend exclusion if, in their judgment, testing would be detrimental to the student’s emotional well-being. Inclusion of the parent in the decision making is highly recommended, but in any case the parent must be notified in writing of the school’s decision.
Records of test exclusions are to be maintained by building principals for inclusions, as necessary, in interpretive reports.

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