How Do We Support Hope and Engagement?

How Do We Support

Hope & Engagement?

  • All students will maximize growth

  • All students will be supported


Our vision, Fueling Hope Through Learning, guides everything we do at Mt. Ararat Middle School.  We reach students who need a greater degree of support to ensure that they are experiencing a feeling of hope and engagement through the following commitments:

  1. The school ensures that every student has access to highly effective initial instruction and all adults are engaged in continuously improving their practice.

  1. Teachers use embedded formative assessment strategies to make instructional decisions and respond to the needs of every student in their classroom as part of daily routine.

  1. One size does not fit all. Teachers will address the differing instructional needs of students within the classroom setting whenever possible. Differentiation is routine in every classroom. All students experience highly-effective instruction at their individual level of challenge, ensuring continuous growth.

  1. Intervention is the shared responsibility of all. Every teacher is responsible for identifying the learning needs of students and identifying the strategies that will best help that student learn. Parents and students share responsibility for the student’s growth.

  1. The school, through classroom practice and other resources, has processes in place to provide extra support for those who need it with small group targeted instruction. Adults collaborate to determine the strategies and the resources needed to meet a particular child’s needs.

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