Student Lockers/Desks




School authorities may, at any time, and without prior notice to students, open, inspect, and search lockers, desks, personal items, and their contents. All students, by using the school’s desks and lockers, agree to the school’s policy, rules, and regulations relating to desks and lockers, including the school’s right to open, inspect, and search desks and lockers and their contents.

Students are expected to provide a combination type lock for their school locker. They must report the combination of the lock to their homeroom teacher, along with the number of the locker to which the lock will be attached. In the event that the lock is replaced with a different lock, the student must immediately report the new combination to their homeroom teacher or risk the possibility of it being cut from the locker. 

Students are asked to keep their lockers neat and clean. Please use magnets, rather than tape or stickers, to hang items on or in student lockers. Students may not switch lockers without permission from their homeroom teacher. Students are not allowed to share a locker with another student or to give out their combination. Failure to abide by school rules may result in locker privileges being revoked.

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