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Mt. Ararat Middle School Coverage for MLTI MacBooks

mlti logoMAMS students in in the middle school are issued a state Chromebook that is on loan to the student and parent/guardian for use during the school year.  Each student will have a specific Chromebook, charger, extension cord, and case, available to support learning.  Laptops, chargers, extension cords, and laptop cases are to be returned at the end of the school year in “like new condition”.  It is the responsibility of the students to properly care for their laptops to ensure they are returned in “like new condition”. Remember the MLTI device is on loan for educational use and is not the student’s personal property.

The Process For Bringing The MLTI Laptop Home

The protocol for 7th and 8th grade students is changing.  In the past, laptops went home with students after they returned coverage forms. If parents wanted the laptops to remain at school, they needed to "opt-out" of the take home program. After a large amount of input from parents over time, we have decided to flip the script a little bit. We are saying that laptops do not go home unless you request that they do, making it a decision to "Opt In". It is absolutely no problem for you to request that the laptop go home. Students will be informed about where to obtain a form early October and they will need to bring the form home.  This would be a great time for your family to discuss laptop use expectations, rules, and safety.  Both student and parent(s) need to sign the form. Students then return the form to school and turn in to their homeroom teacher. Both 7th and 8th grade students who have turned in completed forms will be able to begin taking their device home in mid October after the Indigenous People's Day (exact date to be announced).

You can change your mind at any time. 
So, if you decide at the beginning of the year that you're not interested in it coming home, but later on you change your mind, you simply contact the school and we can flip that around. Or the opposite. You can opt in and bring it home,  But, if it starts to become a nuisance in your home, you can contact the school and opt out and the device will stay at school. We want you to feel like you have more say in whether the device comes home or not.

Key Points of New "Opt-In" Take Home Process

Steps to Take Home Keep in Mind
  • Student obtains Take-Home Form
  • Student brings form home
  • Family has a discussion about home laptop use & safety
  • Parent(s) and student sign form and return to school
  • Students can bring laptop home in mid-October

  • Parents can change their mind later
  • Best to communicate with homeroom teacher
  • If you see anything questionable on your student's device, contact the school.
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to find out about filtering your home network.



Laptop Coverage Form

We cannot stress enough that whether you are taking coverage or not, whether you are opting to take the laptop home or not we must have the coverage form signed and returned to the school by September 23rd.

If you wish to have the coverage, but are not prepared to pay the premium at this time, you must still return the form by the 23rd. You will be billed later for the premium in infinite campus. If you do not wish to have coverage and wish to pay for repairs to the device on your own, you too must also return the form by September 23. Why is this important? Because students will not be able to use their laptops if forms are not returned by that date. In fact, the device will be taken back from students who do not return their forms and they will not be allowed to use the device until their form has been signed and turned into the school.
If you have billing questions, or there is some sort of financial hardship in your home, you should contact Mrs. Hayes-Teague or Mrs. Phillips.


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